Tips to Select Spin Coater
The selection of a spin coater should be based on the maximum substrate size.

The ACT-220AII, the most compact and affordable model, is recommended as long as the substrate size meets the requirements.

Our desktop model supports spin coating using cup sizes up to φ500 mm. If you want to use a larger cup size, our floor models are recommended.

The conditions required for spin coating vary from customer to customer. Some customers want to spin-coat thin or thick film substrates, some lightweight substrates that float easily, and others high viscosity liquids. The appropriate options also vary depending on the required performance, substrate material and shape, and chemical solutions.

If you are considering whether to purchase a machine, we are happy to lend you a sample machine or accept your request for a sample test.
Low Price, High-Performance Model
スピンコーター act220a2
Low price, high performance
Safety cover with interlock sensor
Powered by program memory compatible with 10 steps / 100 patterns
Suitable for development and validation using various chemical solutions
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