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Despite its compact size, Active's desktop spin coater has extremely high rotational accuracy. It can employ a 10-step system, and up to 100 pattern recipes are programmable (10 steps / 100 patterns). We are confident that you will be satisfied with our product.
If you are unsatisfied with the standard model, we can manufacture a customized one to meet your needs. Active's strength lies in the fact that we have been involved in spin coaters for many years and have accumulated the ability to provide our customers with a product that meets their needs.
Low-price, high-performance model
スピンコーター act220a2
Desktop Spin Coater ACT-220AⅡ
Low-price and high-performance spin coater
Safety cover with inter-lock sensor mounted
Program memory with 10 steps / 100 patterns mounted
Suitable for development and validation using various solutions

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Spin Coating Devices

Compatible substrate:
Available options include automatic dripping of solutions, installing the unit in the production line and other customization.
Spin processing of silicon wafers, LCD glass substrates, solar panels, ceramics, optical lenses, organic and EL panels.

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Supporting works and substrates for spin coating
Glass (PC and smartphone screen)
Semiconductor (GaAs, silicon, wafer)
Ceramic plate
Film substrate
Compatible solutions
Hard coat
Antifog coat
Organic solvent

Popular Models

スピンコーター act220a2
For Φ4-inch wafer
(Φ100/□70mm substrate)
スピンコーター ACT-300AⅡ
For Φ6-inch wafer
(Φ150/□110mm substrate)
For Φ6-inch wafer
(Φ150/□110mm substrate)

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