Active is a proposal-style manufacturer.
We designs, manufactures and sells distinctive and customized products. We always work together with you to understand and solve the problems. We believe that, by continuing to respond to requests, we can increase our technological capability. From Saitama, Japan, we support customers throughout Japan and around the world!
Japan and around the world!
Why Active Has Been Selected
Providing solution
Each customer has different needs and problems. Originally founded as a trading company, we not only have manufacturing capabilities but can also listen closely to customer needs and problems to provide solutions. We also make innovative suggestions outside of conventional concepts.
Customization capabilities
We provide a customized model to meet your needs and specifications by conducting thorough discussions.
After-sales services
We take pride in our after-sales services. Breakdowns have such a significant impact on your business that we are committed to providing our customers with the best after-sales service.
Watch our spin-coating technologies
Movies of how our products work can be found at Active Official YouTube.
ACT-300A II S (automatic dripping type)
株式会社アクティブのYou Tubeチャンネル
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