Standard Model and Options Price

PriceJPY 700,000JPY 800,000JPY 1,500,000Contact us
(Price may vary according to work weight and other requests. Below prices are references)
JPY 2,500,000 -JPY 3,000,000 -JPY 3,500,000 -JPY 5,000,000 -
Max. substrate size


Max. RPM7,0006,0005,000
(available up to 6,000 rpm if conditions permit)
Rotation control±1rpm±2rpm
Delivery period25 days40 days3 months
Delivery method and costJPY 10,000
Delivered in hand

Contact us
Delivered in hand or purchaser’s unload required

Contact us
Purchaser’s unloading required
Sample stageJPY 65,000 - (Price may vary according to material, size and specifications.)
Vacuum pump12s
JPY 40,000-
-JPY 85,000
Safety cover with electric lockJPY 145,000
Teflon-coated cupJPY 110,000JPY 120,000JPY 130,000JPY 140,000JPY 150,000JPY 150,000 -
Centering jigJPY 70,000 – (Price may vary according to substrate size and material.)
● Please make sure to check each model’s site for details.
● The delivery period is subject to change due to the number of accepted orders.
● The indicated air capacity is that of a 50 Hz vacuum pump.
● Delivery methods and packaging for customized models may vary. Please contact us for details.

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